The Need

Early Childhood Education concerns the education of the very young child. These early years of childhood are the most vulnerable stages in a person's life. Learning in these early stages of childhood, is very different as compared to processes adults use to learn. Little children experience life more holistically than any other age group. Social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, and physical lessons are not learnt separately by them, but rather are learnt as an integrated set of life experiences. Early Childhood Education training programs aim at creating individuals who understand that the child is learning from a whole experience rather than from parts of it. Indeed it is this emphasis on academic, emotional, social development that has propelled early education training programs to evolve significantly.

Radically changing social environments compel more and more young children to be cared and provided for by adults other than their parents. It is erroneously assumed that “anyone” can take care of young children. The superlative care giver blends the science of pedagogy with artistic grace to provide a world of constant growth for little children. Herein lays the tremendous responsibility of the educator. Success of trained personnel rests with the knowledge, skills and dispositions of adults who provide care and educational opportunities befitting these distinctive levels.

It is widely recognized that the training of early childhood educators is one the most significant indicators of the provision of quality childcare. We at Witty Institute of Teacher Training strive to provide the best training in child rearing and education experiences for young children. The curriculum is significantly researched and extrapolated based on a bank of universally accepted guiding principles of early care and education. Through such a curricular design we, aim to put into practice, the ideologies of Steiner, Gardner, Glen Doman, Montessori, Tagore, Gandhi and many more.

An extremely experiential training program, the course will empower the trainees with the knowledge to understand a child's physical, emotional, social, cognitive and creative development. They will master skills necessary to create secure, warm, stimulating learning environments, where play is used as the tool for learning.

Through a well balanced course content of theory and practicum, our future early childhood educators will experience the thrill of making a difference in the lives of children and their families.

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