About Us

Established in 2001, with the distinguished aim of providing quality education to the youth of India, Witty International School is a project founded and promoted by Dr. Vinay Jain & Dr. Raina Jain, a noted educationist. The main aim behind this project has always been to provide a holistic education that enables growth, optimism, hard work and an all round development with a better understanding of the cultural, moral, and social contexts of our life.

As we proceeded through this journey of building efficient teaching- learning environments, we discovered that the key to superlative schools lies in training its biggest resource- its personnel.

Witty Institute of Teacher Training has been set up with the mission of building up a workforce that shares our dedication and passion for challenges that our profession brings to us. Over the years we have built up a program that results in our trainees no only being eagerly absorbed in our chain of schools but also in other institutions.

Through its training Witty Institute of Teacher Training enables us to live out our dreams of spreading enriching and exciting learning environments everywhere.

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