The ECCEd. Curriculum brings into reality the philosophy of our school. It is the product of a lot of thought, deliberation and perseverance. It has been designed by an interdisciplinary team of experts who belong to fields of Psychology, Human Development, Child Development, Education, Educational Management and Special Education. The curriculum is constructed to develop teachers who are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage learners in the age range of 2yrs to 6yrs.The superior curriculum design has been divided into 2 parts namely Part A- Theory and Part B- Practicum.

Part A- consists of a sound Theoretical Content which is as follows:

Paper No. Paper Title
Scope, Nature and Status of ECCE
Psychology and Child Development
Planning, Management, and Administration
Methods and Materials for Child Development
Principles and Philosophy of ECCE
Meeting Special Needs
Child Welfare, Health and Nutrition
8 Observation and Evaluation

Designed to support this technical content is Part B which contains the Practicum

Sr. No Practicum
1 Creativity Manuals
2 Teaching - Learning Materials
3 Observation
4 Manuals for 3 R’s
5 Practice of Teaching (Lesson Plans)
6 Visits
7 School Events
8 Internship

User friendly manuals have been created to facilitate the learning of the trainees.

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