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At WIS, we’re dedicated to work together as a team and encourage each other to reach higher every day

Where do you want to Grow?

With WIS as your colour collaborator, the future is open and possibilities are endless. Let your talent take you as far as your dream.

An Accomplished FACULTY

Dedicated Faculty trained in the latest Teaching Techniques Serve as Behavioral Role Models


Why work at WIS?

  • Endless challenges and rewards. The teacher serves less as an instructor and more as a guide or facilitator.
  • It is a holistic approach to education that makes us stand out as pioneers in making learning an enriching experience


Getting a Job

Come work with us!Highly challenging and intensely collaborative, our work is constantly evolving, helping us to redefine the leading edge. As a member of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to see your ideas come to life and make a significant impact on your career.


How to Apply?

Let your WIS Journey BeginWhether it was the first time you heard about our institutes, the inspiration you felt from one of our speakers or an article you read in a website, WIS made quite an impression on you. And we’re thrilled about it. We couldn’t be happier that you want to pursue a career in our organization. We need talented and ambitious people like you to help us achieve our goals and share our philosophy DISCOVER WITH ACTION. Follow the steps below to apply for a position at WIS and get ready to grow in ways you never imagined.


Resume / CV Tips

  • Tips for your resume / CV
    Writing a compelling and engaging resume / CV is an art it its own right. And it can be quite a challenge. We have provided some tips and tricks what makes a good resume great and what exactly WIS recruiters are looking for.
  • Describe your strength and expertise and support them
    Connect your qualities and strengths with real – life work experience and include specific examples
  • Make sure it is up – to – date
    This includes making sure your contact information is current. Keeping up with resumes on a regular basis ensures that all the information is up – to – date
  • Find focus and flow
    Make sure your resume has a unified message about who you are and what you have experienced. Use your objective to tell your career story, and think of other content - work history, education, qualification and so on..
  • Be Honest
    Your resume is a living ‘document’ that will be edited and updated throughout the course of your entire career. Think about what you write and include, as it can reflect on your character if the information is inaccurate.

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