There are hundreds of students who despite their potential are unable to cope up with the mounting academic pressures. They are often as smart as their peers, but because they process information differently, they need additional support to compensate their difficulty and to perform and use their potential to the best of their abilities. Teachers form an integral part of all academic programmes and are looked upon by the students for guidance. They are an important link between the students and the parents. However, It is often observed, that at times, teachers find it difficult to identify the real reason of their poor performance in a classroom situation.

WISE was designed and initiated to provide a support system to children with learning difficulties under one roof. It aims at providing an encouraging and stimulating environment to students who are in need of help to cope up and withstand academic pressures. WISE is committed to promote higher learning and competence amongst special children. It also aims at nurturing realistic academic goals in children and to make them socially and emotionally independent. Today, WISE provides support to children in the regular stream with services like Remediation, Counseling and Occupational therapy, Speech therapy and Career Counseling

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