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Parents Testimonials

I am very happy to meet the teacher she was very good and kind. I was happy to talk with her. I hope she be the best teacher for whole year.

Parent : Amita N Dange
Child Name: Khushi N Dange
Class: VI B 

PTM was very well conducted and all detailed information was given

Parent : Kapil Lakhani
Child Name: Upanshu Lakhani
Class: V D

We were oriented very well about the new academic year by the teacher. We are satisfied and happy.

Parent : Darsh Patel
Child Name: Arnav Patel
Class: V E

On this new academic year to meet new teacher is an opportunity to get closer to her for whole year. Thanks for all the instructions and information.

Parent : Vrinda kotak
Child Name: Krishma Kotak
Class: V C

It was very informative and the class teacher gave me enough time and explained everything in detail. She was very co-operative during the session and I hope all the teachers extend. Similar co-operation through and the academic year.

Parent Name: Damodhar Reddy
Child Name: B. Ruthwik Reddy
Class: VI  F

Primary Feedback

Since my child started late, but still it’s a very good response/initiative by WIS family. Thank’s & all the very best. Request you to kindly arrange PTM on Saturdays from nextt time onwards Thank you

Parent  : Waseem Kalam
Child Name:  Khadaja Kalam
Class: I C

In English & Hindi subject please give more practice in writing for dictation words. Thanking you

Parent : Raksha N Doshi
Child Name: Krish Doshi
Class: IV E

Happy about the teachers feedback. Also satisfied that the syllabus has changed. Good books. Thank You

Parent : Varsha Bhogle
Child Name: Aadi Bhogle
Class: III B

Everything is upto be mark. The DA Test is very good step ahead for the children.

Parent : Payal Raichada
Child Name: Yash Raichada
Class: III A

Teacher is very good. We are happy with our Kid’s progress only suggestion is for school bag the bag is very heavy. Kindly see if anything can be done on this. Thank you

Child : Rishi Zaveri
Class Name: III A 

The child is happy with the learning and has adjusted very well. Given that this this is his first year here. Must thank you for all your support. The teacher is very accommodating and has always found some solution for any problem faced by us. Thank you.

Parent: Shantal Bankeshware
Child Name: Samarth Bankeshware
Class: II E

The progress of my child was discussed. I am happy with the teaching methodology

Parent : Archana Modi
Child Name: Rishit Modi
Class: II A

We are Happy & Satisfied with overall growth of our child!!! Thanks to all Teachers & Management of School.

Parent : Smita Shah
Child Name: Netra Shah
Class: I A

Very Satisfied with the over all progress. Appreciate the teachers approach and handling of the children

Parent : Niraj Jain
Child Name: Arnav Jain
Class: II  A

Secondary Feedback

GhaznamsTeacher - the manner and attitude with which you handled the PTM was warm, encouraging and friendly.

Knowing & Understanding Nathan is the first step of getting him develop better. He has already  developed so much in terms of drive,  and maturity in the two months here with you and all at WIS. Thanks for all! Looking forward for more.

Parent: Suzanne Rodricks
Child Name: Nathan Rodricks
Class: VII D

Joel sir is such a cheerful & interested Teacher. Happy to have Raqshit in his class

Parent: Vijaya Suvarna
Child Name: Raqshit Suvarna
Class : VII E

Over all PTM was good and enjoy the talk with Sonal Miss. She explained me very nicely and sweetly. But only one complaint I have with school, please give holiday on Saturdays. Please look forward to my request.

Parent : Megha Agarwal
Child : Ishika Agarwal
Class: VII A

I am very happy with the teaching pattern adopted by the school and the teachers also teaching so  well that all the concepts of my child are very clear when the comes home from school. All the other extra circular activities are also taken very good care of.

Parent: Darsha Patel
Child : Arnav Patel
Class: V E

Thanks a lot teacher for letting me know my son’s progress. few issues :- 1. Bus service to be reconsidered 2. Sandals / floaters to be allowed for bus goers doing Rainy seoson. Thanks

Parent: Avinash Parmar
Child Name: Nihar Parmar
Class:V E

Vardaan has improved in his studies and in completing his books with the support of all the teacher’s please help Vardaan to continue and improve more. Thanking you your’s truely

Parent: Bhavika Hiranandani
Child Name: Vardaan Hiranandani
Class VI C

In this year school started DA exam. I really like it and this will be good for our children.

Parent: Kavita Mahto
Child Name:Chatarraj Mahto
Class: III D

Spoke at length with the teachers concerned. Any topic done(Recap)should be done first then go to the depth of the topic.

Parent: Dr.Raina Jain
Child Name:Rishi Jain
Class: IV A

As the school has just started it’s too early to point on any matter. But being a regular parent am very happy with the co-operation and the attention given to the children. Thanking you for all your support.

Parent: Payal Shah
Child Name:Diyanshi Shah
Class: IV D

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WIS Quality Policy

Witty International School is committed to:

  • Providing consistent quality in educational services by adopting the highest standards of quality.
  • Providing an unparallel education experience to students.
  • Creating an environment where every student strives towards excellence, leadership and world citizenship.
  • Ensuring that students are moulded into responsible and informed citizens.

The Wittian Code Of Conduct

A student studying and passing out of WIS shall practice the following code of conduct throughout his life:


7 Vows Of A Wittian

  • To practice Non Violence, Peace and Harmony in thoughts, words and deeds.
  • To seek, face, support, accept and speak the Truth.
  • To practice Honesty and never to take or achieve anything by force, theft or cheat.
  • To practice Self Restraint and Avoidance of waste.
  • To have Compassion and Empathy for others.
  • To Give what one expects to Receive.
  • To Do what needs to be done.

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