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Dr. Vinay Jain, a medical graduate, is a renowned educationist and a motivator by profession. He has already enthralled his audience at more than 350 venues with his dramatized oratory skills. More than 1,65,000 parents have benefited from his seminars till date all over India and the same has been extensively covered by the media.

His seminars on parenting have always been accepted by the parents with applause of appreciations because of his ability to touch complex and sensitive issues in alight jovial way. His vast subject knowledge, experience and extensive research work has enabled him to provide apt & lucid examples with practical tips for parents for awakening the genius in their children. Thousands acknowledge him for his seminars which have improved relationships of many parents.

Sad but true... 95% Parents claim that they love their children,
But 95% Children feel that their parents don't love them.

Parents, round the globe, instinctively share the same aspiration - an aspiration to be their child's best friend. Children form the center of their universe and they leave no stone unturned while bringing them up to be model individuals. Truly, parenting is a 24 hours, 7days a week job, that demands highest commitment.
Surprisingly, after all the encouragement, freedom, care and unmatched love, why has parenting remained a riddle? Why is that we as parents fail to understand our own kids? Is there something that the child is expecting?

Parenting is an art and has to be done with great skills. The challenges that parents occasionally confront during parenting are often minimised when parents realize how to adjust their responses according to their children's need.

Considering the high relevance and need of guidance and awareness on this subject in current life, 'I' & My Child is a bold and unique effort by Dr. Vinay Jain. The Programme is a two and half hour audio visual multimedia theatrical presentation dealing with various arenas of effective parenting.

More than 325 shows already conducted.
More than 1, 53,000 parents benefited.

Excellent attempt and effort to broaden the parents' horizons in understanding their children more and better.
- Mrs. Neelam Mallik, Principal, St. Mary's School, Kalyan

Dr. Vinay Jain leaves the audience spell bound with his performance and style of presentation. His programme is in one word - "Incredible". We are fortunate to have him address all doctors of our association.
- Dr. J.M.Shah, President, Kandivli Medical Association.

We organized 'I & My child' show in Nagpur in May 2005. The programme has been recommended for the best programme award by the Medico Jaycees. Tons of appreciation to Dr. Vinay Jain for coming up with such a fantastic concept. We have been receiving hundreds of request to reorganize the programme.
- Dr. Fulwani, Secretary, Nagpur Medico Jaycees.

We have organized more than a hundred shows on Parenting with Dr. Vinay Jain all over Maharashtra. His practical tips and suggestions help our parents work constructively on their children. We have received great results because of his programs. All educational institutes must take benefit from this enlightening show.
- Prof. Matchindra Chate, Director, Chate Coaching Classes Pvt. Limited.

Today's programme was beyond our expectations. I would suggest you to have such programs in more than one session as parenting is a vast topic and cannot be brought to limelight in such a short span.
- Mrs. Khushboo Nimish Rambhia

This is to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful programme you conducted. You handled the entire programme single handedly in such a systematic manner that you had me and the entire 1000+ audience in apt attention to every word you uttered. Thank you indeed for the enriching experience you gave one and all present listening to you. Hearty congratulations once again.
- J.D.Joseph, Principal, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vidyalaya.

An educational programme of this nature has been organized for the first time in Udaipur. We were not very sure about the success of the programme earlier. But after attending the programme and after receiving the feedback from all the audience, I must say that Udaipur has never experienced such a wonderful show. The knowledge and experience shared by you in the programme has definitely gone very much deep in the hearts of all the participants.
- Mr. Mukhtiyar Singh, President, All India Sikh Welfare Society.

The show was fabulous. It has helped me realize my mistakes and I promise to be a better parent from today.
- Dr. Kishore Kshirsagar, Asst. Municipal Commissioner, BMC, Mumbai.

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