Parents Testimonials

Had a very great experience to see our child participating with great enthusiasm. Want the school to conduct such events again, so that we get to know  our child’s capability and he can explore his  interests. Thanking you

- Manisha Rander

Very  happy to attend this show ,very innovative very new in Bhilwara its also very useful to our children. Thank you so much witty

- Payal Bonliya

Very nice arrangements cooperative enthusiastic teachers and participants. Wish to see more such events. Thank you happy to be the part of it.

- Esha Gattani

Excellent trip to all states beautiful preparations and lots of hardwork. It shows quality promotion of school. Keep it up

- Rahul Chhabra

The exhibition is awesome .The states depicted in the exhibitions are really very educational. Good intiative. Keep it up !! Bhilwara needs more of such exhibitions and fun-filled programme. Looking forward to experience more such programme.

- Rashmi Chhabra

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