Other Features

Salient Features

  • Ideal Student Strength per class.
  • Ideal Child Teacher Ratio.
  • Regular In-house Teachers Training Programmes and education quality audits.
  • Online Parent Interaction system (E Campus), SMS services, and Witty Blog
  • Individual attention. Focus on all round development.
  • Regular Parent Teacher Meetings, Blogs and school events.
  • Host of extracurricular and co curricular activities.
  • Research based curriculum, well trained and dedicated faculty, pro active administration policies.

Educational Tour, Field Trips and Tours

An extensive co-curricular activity programme provides students with the opportunity to discover and develop talents and interests. Field Trips and outdoor programmes are imbibed into the curriculum. This framework engages students actively in their own learning. The intention is to support their efforts to construct meaning from the world around them by drawing on their prior knowledge, providing provocation through new experiences, and providing time and opportunity for reflection and consolidation. Throughout their education in the school, students experience active opportunities for growth that take them off the campus. Among the experiences built into the curriculum, are regular visits to shopping malls, fire stations, civic offices, museums, art galleries, exhibitions and local sightseeing etc. These trips are compulsory for all students, as this develops the child’s confidence, team spirit and personality.

Special Days

Traditions play an important role at WIS. Special events give us ways to come together, learn about each other, sing, and celebrate. WIS tradition will provide the students long lasting memories for years to come. Among the many that deserve to mention here are: Grandparents Day, Fathers Day, Rakshabandhan Day, Gokulashtami, Book Fairs, Carols, Diwali Celebrations, Navaratri Celebrations, Holiday Concerts; Family Fun Day; Festival of Nations; Sports Day etc.

Sports and Games

Sports and games take their rightful place in the lives of students at Witty Kids, whether they seek high-level competition or recreation. Students are encouraged to participate in various sporting activities of their choice. The School follows a well researched result oriented sports programme.

The basement provides an elegant, functional and versatile space for a variety of indoor games and the school’s playground provides opportunity for a range of outdoor sports.

The School conducts an annual sports meet “SYNERGY” in which each and every student is made to participate.

Student Strength Per Class

We, at WIS, strongly believe in giving individual attention to each child. A healthy teacher-student ratio ensures that every child is taken as a special entity deserving attention and focus. At the same time, the faculty encourages every child towards independent thinking, capable of taking decisions and pursuing knowledge on their own. The student strength will be restricted to 20 students in Playgroup and Nursery, 20 – 25 kids in Kindergarten and 25 - 30 kids in Grade 1.

What Can Do For Your Child?

No child is exactly like another. Each has his/ her own extraordinary talents and abilities. Some can learn and grasp faster than the others, while some are better at music, art or sports. In a nutshell, every child is unique. And at this tender age, the school must play a primary role in giving special attention to every child so that this uniqueness is nurtured.
We at WITTY KIDS will teach our students to have confidence in themselves, overcome all obstacles and excel in all of their undertakings in life by steadily guiding them from dependency to independency. And for this delicate task, we believe in appointing the very best of dedicated teachers who encourage children to think for themselves rather than just following society’s givens and take part in programmes that help instill values like social responsibility, hard work and promote overall development.

The Child, Teacher, Parent Relationship

The Witty triangle in education comprises of three arms– the child, the teacher and the parent. All three have separate roles to play. While the journey through the school years can be very enriching, the school by itself cannot perform magic. For a child to come out with flying colours, the active participation of teachers and parents is mandatory. This is a pact sacrosanct to us.

The Teacher-Child Relationship

WIS is known for its close relationship between the teacher and the child. In this relationship, the child is allowed to relax and express his/her feelings freely. The teacher then responds and guides the child, constantly observing the independent characteristics of the individual child. Keeping in mind each child’s learning curve, individual attention is given so that the best of each child is brought forth.

Participation Of Parents

At WITTY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, education is a partnership between home and school. We embrace the participation of parents in the education of their children. Parents are encouraged to involve in school activities and the school is committed to ensure the success of the partnership.

There are a variety of productive ways in which parents may join the school, either on a regular basis or just occasionally, in providing the best possible education to their children. E.g. helping in a classroom, joining with other parents to organize and participate in special school events and work projects.

Supporting your Child

We anticipate that all parents will support their children’s educational experiences by offering an appropriate level of help with homework, taking interest in the child’s school experiences, joining us for school sponsored events, and offering support and encouragement to each school teacher as he or she devotes time, talent, and energy to the education of the children.

Parent- Teacher Meeting (PTM)

The school gives due emphasis in Teacher-Parent Meetings in an effort to strengthen the bridge between students, teachers and parents. PTM’s provide the forum for teacher and parents to share insights about the individual child’s learning experience and performance. Inputs are provided to parents on nurturing skills, guiding homework and general parenting. Feedbacks are also taken from parents in writing about their ward’s progress and observations.

We look forward to the association that will develop between the school and the parents, the school and the community, and we anticipate your whole-hearted support for all this.

Month End Letters / SMS

Parents are kept informed about the subjects, topics and other activities done during the month via a month end letter and via SMS on a daily basis. Also, the School Website is uploaded on a daily basis with all relevant information for the student and parent community.

Witty E-campus & Witty Blog

Witty E-campus is a customized web based parent interactive system to help the parents to participate in their children’s education on a daily basis. The E-Campus is updated on a daily basis to permit the parent to access the day to day record of the student’s class work, homework, progress, and schedule. Student and Parent contributions are invited by the Editor and the same are published in our Witty Blog.


The school owns its website www.wittykidsindia.com which allows easy access to school’s philosophy, vision, administrative procedures, admission rules, services provided, almanac etc. School also uses the latest technologies of blog, twitter and face book to easily connect with its students and parents. Parents can also communicate their feedbacks, suggestions and comments with school through website.

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