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Some call it pre-school, some call it fun-school, others call it a kid’s paradise, we call it WITTY KIDS; the pre-school division of Witty Group of Institutions that believes in enlightening and educating children by entertaining them in a stress free child friendly atmosphere. WITTY KIDS brings to culmination the vision and mission, to provide the best education in India to greatly equip the young child to succeed in life. Out of this morass of inefficiency and despair, was formulated the innovative concept of having a focused pre-school with the world’s best facilities and learning content. And that was christened as “WITTY KIDS”: an endeavor to bring a revolution at the pre-school level. Today, it puts its extensive expertise in educating children and its intensive study of more than a decade on the wants and needs of children to good use; to give you a pre-school experience that is literally world-class.


Established with the noble aim of providing education to the youth of India, WITTY KIDS, Chikoowadi is a project undertaken by VJTF EDUSERVICES LIMITED promoted by Dr. Vinay Jain and Dr. Raina Jain.

WITTY KIDS, Chikoowadi is the result of intensive research and dialogue with parents, students and institutional heads from various parts of the country. The aim behind this project  is to provide a holistic education that enables growth, optimism, hard work and an all round development with a better understanding of the cultural, moral and social context’s of one’s lives. And this same guidance and value system is now a part of WITTY KIDS.


Parents are quick to understand that there's more to WITTY KIDS than just fun and games; that every activity is actually designed to hone the intellectual, physical, emotional, linguistic, social and moral skills that will stand their children in good stead for the rest of their lives. Our education goal is simple—to help children blossom as they evolve globally while having a lot of purposeful fun along the way. WITTY KIDS dismisses expectations, and values each child as a unique human being. It believes if children are allowed to love themselves when they are small, they may just grow up to love the rest of the world too. It is the feeling of trust in the individual, each finding their own path through flexibility and freedom in order to know they’re wonderful just the way they are.

Parents are also quick to spot the fact that WITTY KIDS has a world-class faculty that is highly trained, highly motivated and has the highest regard for kids.


WITTY KIDS uses its mascot ‘WITTY’ to good effect, giving your child, for the first time, a friend that he or she can actually learn from. ‘WITTY’ is the intelligent baby dinosaur & is your child’s own companion in the school which is a home away from home. He is our mascot who keeps the child company & helps them identify their niche in a world governed by adults. Its style of teaching makes sense because it stimulates all the senses.

At WITTY KIDS, children see, smell, taste, hear and touch their way to enlightenment.

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