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Dedicated Faculty Trained in the Latest Teaching Techniques Serve as Behavioural Role Models

An Accomplished Faculty WIS has a well-established faculty team of highly qualified professionals. Our faculty is committed to challenging and guiding young minds. Their complete dedication to the education of your child is a testimony to our spirit and sense of community. These gifted professionals not only teach, but also serve as advisors, coaches and counselors. Wonderful mentors, role models and friends; our faculty is the true pulse of the school.

The CIE curriculum at Witty International is enriched by our CIE certified facilitators/teachers offering personalised guidance and mentoring to our students. The facilitators at WIS undergo C.I.D.T.T. (Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers), face-to-face and online training. National and International seminars and conferences enable them to upgrade themselves in mark schemes, and examiner’s report etc. The In house training department of WIS conducts regular workshops, internal seminars and exchange programmes for the integration of teaching techniques within the WIS family.

The Teacher’s Resource Materials ensures that the teachers are well equipped to face the challenge of change and help them keep abreast with innovative and effective teaching methods.

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