WIS Sports Curriculum

Sports Curriculum

WIS Sports Curriculum ensures well-rounded development of our students during their formative years. The sports facilities are provided as per International specifications for a wide choice of sports and games. The sports faculty, comprising highly qualified and experienced instructors will endeavor to develop the finest sports persons and teams who can win laurels for the school and the country.

WIS sports policy ensures a smooth transition from childhood play to competitive sports. In the initial years children will be encouraged to joyously participate in the ‘mother sports’ of running, skating, cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, and free – hand gymnastics and above all Yoga. Students explore and display their special sport talent as they grow and we ensure that their curriculum is upgraded accordingly.

The sports curriculum is designed according to the needs of the different age groups. In the pre - primary classes the focus is on the development of the large and gross motor skills. Games and activities are planned to enhance physical stamina, flexibility, balance, strength, overcoming physical fears and hesitations and above all develop confidence and a love for sports.

Every year physical activities for Primary, Middle & Senior School include any three activities from Extreme Physical, Physical and Skills, Greater Skills and Mental games. The activities are conducted once a week at school or at sports club under the supervision of trained faculties.

Special camps are conducted for a month to train the students for a particular sport.

Synergy - the annual sports meet brings the entire school together to display their sporting abilities.

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