Student Strength Per Class

We, at WIS, strongly believe in giving individual attention to each child. A healthy teacher-student ratio ensures that every child is taken as a special entity deserving attention and focus. At the same time, the faculty encourages every child towards independent thinking, capable of taking decisions and pursuing knowledge on their own. The student strength is restricted to 20 students in Playgroup and Nursery, 25 in Kindergarten and 30-35 thereafter.

The WIS Learning Process

The WITTY INTERNATIONAL learning process supports the natural development of the child. The teacher serves less as an ‘instructor’ and more as a guide or facilitator. Children are encouraged to ‘learn how to learn’, thus gaining independence and self-confidence. The school provides a wide exposure to academic as well as non-academic learning – classroom teaching hands-on project work, sports, cultural activities, literary activities, excursions, computers, and community service. It is this holistic approach to education that makes us stand out as pioneers in making learning an enriching experience.

During the early Pre-Primary School years the child absorbs directly from the environment, almost like a sponge. So during this phase, language and motor skills are honed through play-way methodology.

Our Pre Primary Division has borrowed heavily from visionaries such as Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi and Maria Montessori to give you a pre-school that kids (and good parents) have, so far, only dreamt about.

In keeping with the philosophies of these visionaries, WITTY INTERNATIONAL Pre School Division looks nothing like a pre-school, but rather like a toddler heaven. It has no classrooms, blackboards and boring benches, but kid's rooms and discovery corners.  Our Pre School dwells on the use of open spaces (and openness in closed spaces) to broaden your child's mind. It believes that the best way to learn something is to do something; preferably, something that's fun.

As they grow they reach the next stage – Primary School – in which repetition and manipulation of the environment are critical to the development of concentration, co-ordination, independence and a sense of order. The child learns skills for everyday living like sorting, grading, classifying – all of which lead to the development of writing, reading and an analytical mind.

In Middle School, the focus once again shifts. At this stage, there is an increased awareness of the world and an interest in its wonders. Concepts are introduced through hands-on approach, which encourage and engage the child and assist in understanding concepts before they are committed to memory.

As the child enters the next phase – Senior School – the world is an every expanding place. The horizons of imagination increase and concepts are presented in an abstracted manner. The students’ hands-on activities broaden in scope and include practical applications outside the classroom. Projects became more involving and diverse in nature.


Dedicated faculty trained in the latest teaching techniques serve as behavioral role models

An accomplished faculty

Our faculty, a well-established team of highly qualified professionals, are committed to challenging the guiding young minds. Their complete dedication to the education of your child is a testimony to our spirit and sense of community. These gifted professionals not only teach, but also serve as advisors, coaches and counselors. Wonderful mentors, role models and friends, our faculty is the true pulse of the school.

Teacher’s training programme

Besides being highly qualified, our teachers undergo in service training to incorporate the latest trends in teaching methodology. Teachers are also enrolled for the online CIE training. The In house training department of WIS conducts regular workshops, internal seminars and exchange programmes for the integration of teaching techniques within the WITTY KIDS family.

The Teacher’s Resource Materials ensures that the teachers are well equipped to face the challenge of change and help them keep abreast with innovative and effective teaching methods.

IGCSE / A & AS Level


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year – olds. It develops successful students, giving them excellent preparation for their next step in education, including progression to A and AS Level study, and equips them with skills for immediate employment. Cambridge IGCSE recognized by universities and employers worldwide.

IGCSE provides a board study programme by drawing subjects from five areas: Language, Humanities, Social Science, Mathematics, Creative, Technical and Vocational. Within the curriculum there is a balanced mix of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. With a choice of Core and Extended papers in most subjects, the IGCSE is suitable for students with different levels of ability. The IGCSE is an internally based curriculum allowing teaching to be placed in a localized context, making it relevant in different regions. It is also suitable for students whose first language may not be English and this is acknowledged throughout the examination progress.

The curriculum sharpens communication skill, problem solving abilities, initiative, teamwork and investigative skills. The resulting attitudes lay the foundation for higher levels of learning such as the IB Diploma program. It also qualifies the students for the main-stream state-level HSC, CBSE (XII) or ISC XII.

IGCSE syllabuses have been developed to support modern curriculum development, and to encourage good teaching practice, they set internationally recognized standards (equivalent to British GCSE). IGCSE can be taken as individual subjects or as qualifications towards the International Certificate of Education (ICE), which is awarded for seven IGCSE passes, including two from Group I subjects and one from each Group II to VII subjects.


IGCSE is aimed at a wide ability range of students, with a range of grades awarded from A* (highest grade) to G (lowest). There is a core (C to G) and extended (A* to E) curriculum available in many subjects, as with the UK GCSE. IGCSE uses a variety of assessment techniques to test oral and practical skills, initiative and problem – solving, and application of skills, knowledge and understanding. A coursework option is available in many syllabuses, allowing Centres an element of personal choice and giving teachers the chance to share in the process of assessment. Candidates are rewarded for positive achievement (what they know, understand, and can do). IGCSE prepares for progression to employment, or to further study. It prepares students very well for Cambridge International A and AS Levels.

IGCSE is designed to be taught as a two year course for students in Grade 9 and 10. During the two years, the teachers will use different methods of assessment including course work, practical exercises, oral and listening tests, project work and written examinations.


  • Science Stream:
    English; Mathematics; French; Physics; Chemistry; Biology; Economics; Information Technology.

  • Commerce Stream:
    English; Mathematics; French; Business Studies; Accounting; Combined Sciences; Economics; Information Technology.

  • ‘A’ AND ‘AS’ LEVELS 

    ‘A’ level is a 2 – year programme of the UK taken class 10. The advantage of taking the A level exam is that the candidate is exposed to an international curriculum and he is as good as any candidate from any part of the world.

    He can seek admission to any University anywhere in the world. Since many of our students go to the U. S., U. K. Australia and New Zealand, the ‘A’ level Examinations will get them direct admission. Since the standard of the curriculum is high the candidate is almost at par with B. A., B. Sc., and B. Com students in India. The candidate will get admission in any field in any University in India.

    The Approach is application – orientated and hence they are ready to face any real situation in the profession. Our students stand a good chance to get into Foreign Universities thereby increasing their knowledge and stature in the global economy. Since such opportunities are provided, at our door step we should avail ourselves of such opportunities and provide the best to our students.

    The school proposes to provide all the faculties teaching students for the ‘A’ level Examinations, with the proper infra-structure conducive to learning. A necessary atmosphere is provided to promote learning in a scientific way, using technology. The students will find this, a pleasurable experience to be in WIS.


  • Science Stream:
    English; Physics; Chemistry; Math/Biology.

  • Commerce Stream:
    English; Math; Accounts; Business studies; Economics.
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