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Use WITTY job search tool to search for open positions by geographic area, office location, type of position or specific job function. You can also use the keyword search field to locate a job by its posting number or narrow down job descriptions and qualifications to those that match your criteria.

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In order to be considered for a position at WITTY, you must submit a complete candidate profile. But don't worry — we've made it easy. If you are new to the system, you'll need to create a personal account, which is protected by a username and password.

Remember this information

You'll need it each time you apply for a job or submit/update your profile. Before starting the profile process, ensure you have an updated copy of your resume/curriculum vitae (CV) with you so you can provide all the information requested.

Completing your profile is very important

It helps our recruiters track progress and make contact with you, and it streamlines the process on your end, too.

Each time you apply, the profile form automatically incorporates existing information from your profile

You'll have more relevant search returns targeted to your profile information, such as years of experience, job title(s), educational background, geographic area and so on.

Recruiters can better match your qualifications with present and future job opportunities

We encourage all candidates to login and update their profiles. Did you recently earn a new certification? Change locations? Update your contact information? And you can choose to receive notifications of available openings that match your profile.

Apply for a job

When you find a job that interests you, click the "Apply Now" button on the description page. You'll be prompted to enter your username and password; and if you haven't yet submitted a profile, you'll have to complete that process first. We will ask you to complete some basic details about yourself and to answer some questions specifically related to the job you are applying for. Good luck!

Recruitment & Selection

The school believes in giving opportunities for growth of its staff from within itself as and when any vacancy for various positions arises. Offering the position to its senior staff however is not mandatory and it depends on purely the merit and the requirements of the job. Hence recruitment and filling up of various positions in the school, is the sole discretion of the management.

As and when a vacancy arises in the organisation, the Principal along with the humanresources department will decide on the Job Description for the role and initiate therecruitment process for the same.

The school shall consider suitable profiles from internal referrals, Data banks, Job Portals, Advertisements and any other suitable sources. As and when the profiles are received the HR department shall screen the applicants before sending them for a technical interview. The panel members shall be decided by the Principal.

Selection Criteria

  • Relevant Qualification

  • Relevant Experience

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Presentation techniques

  • Right attitude to work and social behaviour

  • Profile match with the job requirement

  • Innovations in the profession of teaching

  • Good health

  • Excellent spoken and written English

  • Commitment, enthusiasm and preparedness to learn

  • Cross cultural sensitivity and an international mindset


Interviewing at Witty

Get Ready To Shine

Your big day is just around the corner. Your qualifications are a match to our needs and your well-structured and detailed resume is impressive. Now it’s time for us to meet up and discuss the position and what you can bring to the role. Through a conversation with you, we’re striving to learn if you’re a good match for the company. And that’s a little bit of everything: how you’ll fit in with your team, whether you identify with our values and where you see yourself professionally now and in the future. There’s a lot for us to talk about, and don’t forget that this is your chance to interview WITTY, too.

Our Competency Based Philosophy

At Witty International School, child is the only priority and imparting quality education to them is our prime duty. All employees of the school shall adhere in word and deed to the philosophy of ““DISCOVERY WITH ACTION”, following with the universal values of Love, Truth and Tolerance. Abiding by these principles, we strongly believe that the progress of the school and all connected with the school depends mainly on the commitment and the morale of the staff and the exemplary services rendered to the student community.

Here’s is what to expect when interviewing at WITTY

Step 1: Screening Applicants

The HR department after receiving the applications will screen them as per the job requirement and call the candidates for a screening. They would shortlist the candidates in a ratio of 5 candidates for every vacancy, i.e in the ratio of 1:5. These candidates shall be forwarded for the second round.

Step 2: Interview by subject specialist

The shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the Principal/HM along with the subject matter specialist and a representative from the HR department. Successful candidates will be forwarded to the next round.

Step 3: Final Interview

This is the final round of interview before giving the letter of appointment. The composition of this committee may include one of the trustees along with the Principal. The following documents need to be provided at the time of joining.

  • Joining Letter

  • Discharge Certificate from the previous employer

  • Experience certificates of previous employment

Tips For Your Witty Interview

Tips for your interview

Even though WITTY has a very structured approach to our interviews, no two interviews are the same. Nor is there a magic formula for acing the interview. There are, however, a few basic tips that can help you better communicate with your interviewer. Study up, apply your knowledge and you’ll definitely wow us.

Complete the application prior to starting the interview process

This helps us streamline the entire process. All of your current information is in one place. It simplifies things, and, as an added bonus, organizational skills are very impressive.

Double-check that all your information is complete and accurate

Misinformation can derail a promising application. So, go back to your resume and profile one more time to scan for typos and update your contact information. Always be truthful about the skills, abilities and experiences you present on your resume.

Speak clearly and audibly

We know you’re nervous, but try to relax. Speak a little louder and more slowly than normal — but not so slow that we think you’re a robot.

Make eye contact

Nothing says you’re engaged with the person in front of you more than making eye contact. It communicates respect for the speaker and is a strong display of candidate confidence. Keep it natural, though — you don’t want to stare your interviewer down.

Take a moment for composure

A few moments of silence after you’ve been asked a challenging question is more than OK. It’s expected. It shows you’re taking the time to think and compose a response that directly addresses the question.

Present concrete examples of your capabilities

Stay away from responses that require abstract explanations. Focus instead on providing concrete examples of relevant professional experiences you’ve had and the results yielded from your influence or actions.

Avoid unrelated topics

The golden rule of interviewing is to stay on track. Don’t meander with your answers. Be specific. And only bring in additional information if it’s relevant to the question and your ability to do the job.

Prepare a few questions

There is always time in each interview for the candidate to ask questions. And whether you have questions often directly indicates your level of interest in the position. So, take the time to formulate a few questions about the specific position, the company or the experience of working at WITTY.

Experience @ Witty

Experiencing Our Culture

Discovery With Action….That’s how we grow

Positive. Productive. Progressive. That's how we navigate change.

The Virtual Era is dawning. Memories are taking back us to many mile stones and turning points in the past; graduation from preschool to high school, introduction of sms system, witty times, e-campus, website, our various events, affiliation with CIE, membership with CIS, first batch appearing Checkpoint, first batch clearing IGCSE with flying colours etc.

Education industry is also on the threshold of a complete makeover. Traditional learning methodologies are been replaced by digital methodologies. With a small primitive set up, the school grew by leaps and bounds in the past 13 years with more than 1600 children on roll today.

The education needs of children are fast changing. To keep ourselves upbeat with the latest technological advancements in the field of education and with an intention to provide the best to our students, we are now expanding our operations with Witty International School & Witty kids.

Our purpose as an organization has always been clear — to be on the Top of the World which  enables people everywhere to grow and thrive. That single-minded focus means that our business is free to transform and adapt to the needs of the world at large.

There’s always more numbers to look at, more data to examine. Here at WITTY, though, we focus more on the people part of business. We care about the lives of our stake holders and our team members, whose contributions keep us at the forefront in the field of education.

Our History

Vision. Drive. Philosophy. That's where we started.

For nearly 13 years, WITTY has been on an incredible journey, experiencing positive growth. Through it all, it's our people — customers, business partners and team members — who keep us moving through the rapidly evolving world of Education.

Key moments in our history.

Our company history is full of interesting developments. And we couldn't help but pick out a few of our favorite milestones to share:

  • 1997: ‘Vinay Jain’s Training Forum (VJTF) was incorporated to provide  training programmes for Educational Institutions

  • 1999: Converted into a private company and entered into a franchise agreement with Chate Group for setting up coaching classes in Malad (West)

  • 2000: Expanded its business operations and acquired Franchise Rights for setting up branches in Malad (East), Goregaon and Kandivli

  • 2001: Entered into Pre-school education on a Master Franchise agreement with Denmark based Company Egmont Imaginations India Ltd. for setting up EUROKIDS, Preschool and Activity Club in Maharashtra and Rajasthan

  • 2002: Expanded  its network to 35 EUROKIDS pre schools within a span of two years

  • 2003 – 04: Launched its first owned project in Malad (West)  under its brand ‘Witty Kids’ and ‘Witty International School’ with an affiliation with the University of Cambridge, UK

  • 2007 – 08: Entered into a franchise agreement for launching its second school project in Yeola

  • 2009 – 10: Commenced operations at its third project in Udaipur. Acquired land at prime locations for setting up two additional schools at Goregaon (West) and Borivali (West)

  • 2011 – 12: Commenced operatiions at its fourth project in  Bhilwara

  • 2013: Commenced operations at its fifth project WITTY KIDS at Bangur Nagar, Goregoan (West)

Our Work Place

The WITTY team

We know we’re a little biased, but we think our team members are the most amazing people we’ll ever meet. Their talent and dedication drives our success, and when they put their minds to it, there’s really nothing they can’t achieve. We’re grateful for their continued contributions and commitment to creating the best possible working environment for our global team.  

Cultivate the extraordinary. Leverage the power of many.

A diverse workforce is critical to generating new ideas and inspiring innovation. Only through the power of multiple perspectives can we hope to deliver on our purpose to develop the overall development of a child in order to make a better future.

Our Managing Director Dr. Vinay Jain says at it best

We are journeying through a time when education is most important. In a country such as ours which reveres knowledge, "To know is everything". However, mere knowledge is not the key to success. With it should develop 'character', the basic foundation for life ahead. We seek to do just that at Witty International School.

There is no short cut to success, we believe. Here at Witty International School, we insist in promoting consistent, hard work...the basis for creating a deeper character, that would pave the way to succeed in life. However, to help your progress on the way uphill would be our specially trained teachers, structured curriculum, unbeatable infrastructure, that would provide you the impetus to get you past the rigors of the existing competitive climes in the educational scenario. Which is also why we inculcate the green culture and the green values, coupled with specially constructed infrastructure they would provide the ambient environment for you to flower not just academically but also personality wise...?

Remember, values like dedication, perseverance, planning, are irreplaceable in life. Academic excellence and skills apart, we profess a winning attitude, an entirely different outlook towards life , here at Witty International School. To excel, but without undue pressure, by following a systematic, consistent approach...

So, onwards and ahead, let us strike while the iron is hot... We have the tools here let us strike right hard strong together let us make the futures bright, and in keeping with our ambitions.

Why Work For Witty?

You can develop and grow in your career at WITTY. We believe in empowering our team members to learn and develop through formal and informal training using an array of internal tools and resources. We have a unique focus on informal development, including 360 degree feedback, individual development plans and assignments.

Benefits And Rewards

It is a core part of our culture that team members are rewarded based on results that are achieved in the right way. Team members delivering extraordinary results are recognized with exceptional rewards and opportunities.


All positions in the organisation are classified according to relative job requirements and responsibilities. Each job classification is assigned an appropriate skill level. CTCs are fixed based on the educational qualifications and previous work experience. CTC shall be inclusive of all compensation and benefits. Every staff member will have to open an account with the bank specified by the school and convey their bank account number to the accounts department in writing within a week from the date of joining, Income tax, Professional tax and other statutory deductions will be deducted at source from the gross salary payable and the net amount arrived at will be credited to this salary account on or before the 14th of every month. A salary slip with details of salary calculations & deductions can be downloaded from the staff portal.


WIS management shall endeavour to give their employees the best possible benefits which will in no way be inferior to the existing market standards. But the benefits that we have to offer basically are for staff whose services have been confirmed. The eligibility of all of these benefits will cease once the employment is terminated from either side.

Provident Fund

We shall follow the rules and regulations laid out by the EPF act, 1952 and every full‐time employee has to subscribe to the Provident Fund Scheme. PF amount will be deducted every month from the gross CTC.


All employees who have put in 5 years of continuous service shall be eligible to gratuity @ 15 days salary for every completed year of work after 5 years. This will be paid to all those employees who are eligible for the same at the time of leaving the school as per the resignation rules. The guidelines of the Gratuity Act will prevail from time to time.

Education Assisstance

All Confirmed Employees can avail 50% discount on the yearly tuition fees of their wards studying in Witty International School. This offer is valid only for confirmed employees i.e. after completion of minimum two years and valid only till the employment of the staff. This discount is offered through credit note vouchers which can be encashed every following year. In case the employee leaves the school for any reason then these vouchers stand invalid. This offer is at the sole discretion of the management and not a right of the employee. In case, the employee leaves in the middle of the academic year then he/she shall pay the difference amount availed through the credit note.

Performance Awards

To appreciate and acknowledge the special efforts taken by the teacher / employee the management has decided to introduce the Best Teacher /Best Employee of the Month / Year Awards. These awards will be distributed on the Founders Day, 10th March. Employees not availing any of the casual leave in the whole year also will be rewarded on Founder’s Day. Employee (s) who achieves all the three awards (Best for the month, Best for the year and Most Regular Employee) for a particular year will be awarded with extra increment in the following year.

Training & Development

WIS provides employees with a wide range of opportunities to enhance their skills in terms of on job training or by involving individuals on project assignments or any other opportunity that might come up. The HR Dept shall work with the Principal to assess individual training needs and provide avenues for their empowerment in those areas.

All internal trainings are provided free of cost to all employees. School may also suggest/recommend /forward teachers for external professional trainings. For all such trainings school shall support its teachers by reimbursing 50% of the training cost:

a) This offer is valid only for the teachers who have completed 2 years with the school and who are permanent employees of the school.

b) 50% of training cost/ course fees shall be reimbursed via credit note voucher subject to teacher completing 3/5 years of service from the date of receiving /undergoing such trainings.

c) This offer is at the sole discretion of the management and not a right of the employee

All new recruits will undergo a training program for a specified period before taking up

regular job responsibilities. However if the management feels that any individual does not need such interventions, they may directly put them on the job.

Individual employees shall also have the option of putting forth to the management their desire for development in a particular area of their passion. The management shall try all possibilities to try and accommodate such requests, In case the request is not feasible, at least they will be suggested on possible next steps.

Individual employees may develop their skills by actively participating in the activities of the school, taking up projects that will help strengthen the systems and practices in the school. The management keeps track of all these initiatives taken while deciding individual performance and career advancements.


Grow a Promising Career. Start Here. Start Now.

Your future at WITTY GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS is an open road that stretches as far your career aspirations. With exciting roles in distinct functions, you can count on finding a position that challenges your interests and intellect. Stretch assignments, special projects and formal training empower you to continue your professional development — driving your career forward at a pace that's just right for you. 

Our Company

We’re leading the Education sector into an efficient, prosperous and sustainable future.

Our Benefits

We inspire team members to achieve their best and support them in every step of the way

Getting The Job

Learn how to apply, read FAQs and discover WITTY!!!

Recent Openings

Jobs @ Udaipur

Jobs @ bhilwara

Jobs @ Goregaon

Joba @ Corporate Office

  • Pre Primary Teachers & Coordinators

  • Primary Teachers & Coordinators

  • Secondary Teachers

  • IGCSE Teachers

  • Admin Executive

  • Marketing Executive

  • Front Office Staff

  • DTP Operators

  • IT Managers

  • Site Supervisors

  • Transport Incharges


Career Areas

We offer career areas with flexibility and mobility designed to team members through their lives. So really, the question is: Where does your WITTY journey begin?

Applications are invited from qualified candidates with public school experience, good communication skills and proficiency in computer skills.

Plan, organize and manage the work of subordinate staff to ensure that the work is accomplished in a manner consistent with organizational requirements.

A fit for your passion.

Working at WITTY gives you the opportunity to find what drives you. We’re proud of the way we inspire people — to do more, to be more and to pursue professional fulfillment. There are countless opportunities to steer your career in the direction that suits your lifestyle, whether that’s moving into a different department, growing into a leadership role.

All Careers Areas Shall Be Mentioned


Career Areas

We offer career areas with flexibility and mobility designed to team members through their lives. So really, the question is: Where does your WITTY journey begin?

Applications are invited from qualified candidates with public school experience, good communication skills and proficiency in computer skills.

Plan, organize and manage the work of subordinate staff to ensure that the work is accomplished in a manner consistent with organizational requirements.

A fit for your passion.

Working at WITTY gives you the opportunity to find what drives you. We’re proud of the way we inspire people — to do more, to be more and to pursue professional fulfillment. There are countless opportunities to steer your career in the direction that suits your lifestyle, whether that’s moving into a different department, growing into a leadership role.

All Careers Areas Shall Be Mentioned

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