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Established in 2000, with the noble aim of providing education to the youth of India, the Witty Group of Institutions is an Organisation founded and promoted by the noted Educationist Couple Dr. Vinay Jain & Dr Raina Jain under the aegis of VJTF Group of Companies. Both are Merit Ranker Medical Graduates having converted their passion for education into their profession. Both are well known personalities in the field of education today.

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image Witty Kids

Preschool and Activity Club

Witty Kids is the Pre School division of Witty International School chain promoted by the noted Educationist couple Dr. Vinay Jain and Dr. Raina Jain.

Witty Kids Preschool and Activity Club is an innovative concept that brings together the world’s best facilities and learning content for your child. We have put our extensive expertise in educating children and an intensive fourteen year study on the wants and needs of children to create a pre-school experience that is literally world-class.

Witty Kids looks nothing like a pre-school, but rather like a toddler heaven. Witty Kids dwells on the use of open spaces (and openness in closed spaces) to broaden your child's mind. It believes that the best way to learn something is by doing; preferably, something that's fun.

image WIS

Witty International School (WIS)

The Witty International School experience will help each child to be knowledgeable, wise, curious and creative, responsible and confident. It is our endeavour to help each child evolve into well-rounded learners with minds that remain receptive to new ideas and changing needs. To accomplish this, we have designed an integrated curriculum that allows students to learn in great depth as well as see connections that naturally exist among subject areas making learning more meaningful and effective. The uniqueness of the school largely lies in this blended approach of offering Indian content using international methodologies

Witty International School, is a venture of Witty Group of Institutions founded and promoted by the noted educationist couple Dr. Vinay Jain and Dr. Raina Jain. This has resulted in a continuous process of innovation, both, in teaching methods as well as learning systems.

image WISE

Witty Institute for Special Education (WISE)

WISE was designed and initiated to provide a support system to children with learning difficulties under one roof. It aims at providing an encouraging and stimulating environment to students who are in need of help to cope up and withstand academic pressures.

WISE is committed to promote higher learning and vocational competence amongst special children. It also aims at nurturing realistic academic goals in children and to make them socially and emotionally independent. Today, WISE provides support to children in the regular stream with services like Assessments and Therapies like Remediation, Counseling and Behavior therapy and much more...

image WITT

Witty Institute of Teacher Training (WITT)

Witty Institute of Teacher Training has been set up with the mission of building up a workforce that shares our dedication and passion for challenges that our profession brings to us. Over the years we have built up a program that results in our trainees no only being eagerly absorbed in our chain of schools but also in other institutions.

Through its training Witty Institute of Teacher Training enables us to live out our dreams of spreading enriching and exciting learning environments everywhere.

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